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Registered centre with Signature, the Awarding Body and regulating organisation providing certified qualifications


Established June 2008, BSL Ladder is a tuition centre teaching British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness. Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Jacqueline Bielby.

Jacqueline Bielby

I was born deaf and educated in two deaf schools. Originally starting out as a Flat Machinist then Kitchen Assistant going on to Prep Chef working in a 5* hotel and also a cleaner in an office environment which led to me gaining a qualification in Business Studies, then on to my role as Warrant Clerk in London. During this time I was teaching young hearing children through BSL stories and I was involved in performance and community work for the local Deaf Community which was thoroughly enjoyed. Here, my love for teaching started in 1999 where I began with a Level 2 Teaching course with other deaf learners, my teacher encouraged me to pursue my teaching career. Consequently, the ‘taste of teaching’ turned out to be extremely beneficial. Needless to say I finally graduated as a Qualified Teacher at Bolton University. I am very proud of my success and now put all my years of experience and teaching into practice through my business BSL Ladder.

Main Focus


Students are both Deaf and Hearing.  Hearing students are learning BSL to support and communicate with a Deaf family member, friend or colleague.  Having the skill to use their communication in BSL reduces isolation, frustration and anxieties for both the Deaf person and the hearing person. The majority of students start to learn Level 1, enjoy their new skills so much they continue through all the levels, in an attempt to support the deaf person in further development. Deaf students attend courses to increase Linguistic knowledge and gain qualification in their own language, reducing isolation and increasing employability.

I feel it may be because of my approach to teaching. My classes are relaxed, happy and supportive giving the students confidence to achieve. But the main area being the Deaf Community – breaking down barriers in communication through supporting education in British Sign Language.

Impact –

  • Providing Deaf people with qualifications in their own language to increase employability.
  • Providing Deaf teachers with Prepare to Teach in Lifelong Learning gaining qualification.
  • Providing hearing people the skill of BSL communication to again break down barriers in communication between the hearing and deaf communities.


Taught by profoundly Deaf BSL tutor – Mrs Jacqueline Bielby fully active within the Deaf Community and involved in Deaf Culture. Having the knowledge and ability to assist all learners to achieve full qualification in all areas of BSL with 100% pass rate.

Providing a consultancy service to both public and business sectors who require advice and training for their staff in becoming aware of the needs of deaf people

Supporting learners outside BSL Ladder with evidence collection clips.